Division of Information-Driven Design and
Manufacturing Systems

In the manufacturing industry, waves of globalization cause the dissemination of manufacturing technologies into low labor wages countries and allow the manufacture of high quality and low-priced products in such countries. In these situations, Japanese corporations shift their strategies from the development and management of high quality products to the development of value-added products and the creation of new businesses.

This division promotes Virtual Manufacturing (VM) in order to analyze and synthesize business processes efficiently, using horizontal international specialization. In order to realize VM, we systematize the activities of a product's whole lifecycle: marketing, design, manufacturing, sale, maintenance, recycling, and disposal; and formulate methodologies of modeling and knowledge processing in order to provide customers with value-added and low-priced products quickly, and then develop their software tools and contents. In these areas, we must consider a great deal of new methodologies such as CALS, PLM, ERP, KM, and so on.

Computer Supported Design System for Camera's Mechanical Function

Digital Meister Projects: Process planning animation with tacit knowledge for die-sets

We have achieved practical contracts and joint research projects based on the needs of domain experts. In the future, we will apply the methodologies, techniques, and software tools commonly used in the manufacturing area to medical-care and logistics areas.

Main themes:
Digital Engineering; Digital Meister;
Computer Supported Design;
Production and Control;
Knowledge Modeling; Real-time Control;


Masanobu Koga
(koga (at) ci.kyutech.ac.jp)

Professor Koga is interested in the development of CAD for control systems that support the real-time implementation of designed controllers. His recent research has focused on distributed simulators and modeling tools using Java technology.

Hiroshi Suzuki
(suzuki (at) ci.kyutech.ac.jp)

Professor Suzuki is interested in the development of CAD/CAM systems and new machining technology which will realize the high speed and high accuracy machining of plastic injection molds and dies. His recent work involves the automatic structure design of molds and dies applied using the CAE system.

Kenichi Kourai
Associate Professor
(kourai (at) ci.kyutech.ac.jp)

Professor Kourai is interested in systems software such as operating systems and virtual machines. The goal of his research is to improve reliability and security of the whole system by the support of systems software.