Division of Information-Driven Appliances

Micro-processors realized by LSI technology are embedded in various kinds of products such as automobiles and electrical appliances. Sensors make them more intelligent and enhance their performance. It is expected that such products will be connected to database systems via wired or wireless LAN. The behaviors of these machines will be determined by collecting necessary information from distributed information sources.

Our teaching and research areas cover mobile-phones, game consoles, embedded single chip microprocessors, low-power LSIs, middle-ware, and so on.

Specifically, we research circuit design, logic design, and functional design of computer or LSI, CAD algorithm, data structure, high reliability of LSI, test design, and easily testable design which are indispensable to highly reliable devices. As well, we develop a novel transistor-level circuit design method to achieve hi-speed and low-power LSIs.

Moreover we research distributed object-oriented middle-ware for cooperation between application programs on these network-connected machines.


Xiaoqing Wen
(wen (at) ci.kyutech.ac.jp)
Professor Wen's research interests include testing, testable design, and fault diagnosis of VLSI circuits. He is one of the researchers who pioneered low-power test generation for low-power devices. He is also actively involved in developing at-speed built-in self-test (BIST) technologies.

Tsutomu Sasao
(sasao (at) ci.kyutech.ac.jp)

Professor Sasao is interested in the theory, algorithm, and data structure in design LSI. He is currently working on programmable logic devices, logic simulators, binary decision diagrams, embedded systems, and the application of multiple-valued logic systems.

Kazuyuki Nakamura
(nakamura (at) ci.kyutech.ac.jp)

Professor Nakamura's research interests include transistor-level circuit design techniques for achieving High-speed and Low-power VLSIs. His recent work involves research into novel VLSI architecture, circuit/layout design, and the development of VLSI-CAD tools.
Takaichi Yoshida
(takaichi (at) ci.kyutech.ac.jp)
Professor Yoshida is interested in distributed object-oriented computing that is realized as middle-ware. He is focusing principally at the adaptation to change that occurs in an open distributed system to which various devices can be freely connected.